Buy, lease or rent top-of-the-line Océ equipment. Specifications and additional information is available at the links below.

Printing Systems

Océ CS2236

Océ TCS 500
Océ TDS 450
Océ TDS 600
Océ Repro Disk Server
Océ ColorWave 300
Océ PlotWave 300

Replicator HD/SD systems

Architectural/Construction Equipment

Ultra Scale Master Pro



ColorWave® 300 multifunction system - All-in-one large format color system

Don’t waste a bit of valuable space. Jump over to the one system that can do it all. The OcÚ ColorWave 300 multifunction system effortlessly handles all your color and black and white print, scan, and copy jobs. And the optional top delivery tray saves even more space by neatly collating

One system to grow with your needs: grow your business sustainably Boost your competitive edge by applying monochrome or color as needed to enhance documents and make your company stand out. This system easily accommodates monochrome jobs without compromising on throughput for color applications.

Waste is eliminated by using automatic original and media size recognition and image positioning features to avoid misprints. And your working environment is not affected by ozone, dust, or odors.
and stacking your documents.

Spec Sheet


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