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Printing Systems

Océ CS2236

Océ TCS 500
Océ TDS 450
Océ TDS 600
Océ Repro Disk Server
Océ ColorWave 300
Océ PlotWave 300

Replicator HD/SD systems

Architectural/Construction Equipment

Ultra Scale Master Pro



TDS 600 - Océ Repro Desk Server automated remote printing solution enables reprographers to connect their printshops electronically with customer sites to send and receive print jobs.

Océ Repro Desk server takes the process of accepting print project requirements and puts it where it belongs—in the customers’ control. Océ Repro Desk server automates the process of preparing, submitting and printing large format files. Customers can use Océ Repro Desk Remote to assemble sets of digital files in a variety of file formats, predetermine output options, preview them as they will actually print, and submit the set for printing to a central print shop. The result is a seamless, efficient customer-driven process that results in improved communications, higher quality, and faster turnaround of jobs. In short, Océ Repro Desk server can help you achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction and a higher return on investment.


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