Buy, lease or rent top-of-the-line Océ equipment. Specifications and additional information is available at the links below.

Printing Systems

Océ CS2236

Océ TCS 500
Océ TDS 450
Océ TDS 600
Océ Repro Disk Server
Océ ColorWave 300
Océ PlotWave 300

Replicator HD/SD systems

Architectural/Construction Equipment

Ultra Scale Master Pro



TDS 450 - Wide format printing, copy and scan system.

The resource intensive process of producing technical documents has just gotten easier with the Océ TDS450. The Océ TDS450 offers a flexible printing, copying and scanning solution that meets your business' productivity, quality, and cost efficiency requirements. With its advanced features, intuitive user panel, and optional full color scanning capability, it makes an ideal walk up print/copy solution now and for years to come.

Spec Sheet


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